Armiferum releases 1st album, “Reach for the Light”
Posted at 02/23/2023
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Artwork Reach For The Light “Reach For The Light” ends a six-month wait since the band’s first single

Power Metal band Armiferum have released their highly anticipated debut album, “Reach for the Light”. The album was anticipated by the release of the single and music video for “Against the Wind”, which earned the band a nomination for Best Metal Band by the Mariutti Team Zine, by renowned musician Luis Mariutti.

“Reach for the Light” transitions between Power Metal and Extreme Metal in a frighteningly natural way. It is not a complete fusion, as in the case of Melodic Death Metal, but the insertion of Extreme Metal elements on top of the band’s original Prog/Power Metal, creating an absolutely unique, innovative and contemporary identity.

Listen to the album “Reach for the Light” below:

Learn more about Armiferum via the band’s Instagram @armiferumband

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